United Nations ISAR Honours Award Ceremony 2023

Dawn Slevin, Managing Director, ELS Europe was honoured to receive the United Nations International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) Honours Award for the EFRAG report  Towards Sustainable Businesses: Good Practices in Business Model, Risks and Opportunities in the EU.

This award recognizes the substantial and leading work of the project task force co-chaired by Dawn Slevin and Mario Abela and published by EFRAG.  The report is recognised as a world-leading guide on the practical implementation of sustainability-related reporting.

The ISAR honours award ceremony took place on 17 October at the 2023 World Investment Forum, Abu Dhabi in the context of the World Investment Forum. Since the launch of the award the number of applicants almost doubled reflecting global recognition of the imperative of good sustainability-related reporting.

Dawn expressed her gratitude in this video displayed during the ceremony.