Mainstreaming Sustainable Processes & Technologies

ELS Europe supports the deployment of the best available technological solutions and processes for our clients across all sectors. We guide clients in the development of a planning framework for their sustainable transition and its implementation, as well as facilitate stakeholder participation.


For non-financial clients operating across high emitting sectors such as energy, manufacturing, transport, and logistics our solutions aim to support active reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, incorporating more resource independent and circular objectives, and implementing measures to protect biodiversity, air, soil, and water quality.



For our financial sector clients, our solutions support sustainability across each financial product’s lifecycle demonstrated through robust data analysis, risk management, and transparency in line with sustainability-related regulations and guidelines.


ELS Europe provides leadership, strategic guidance, and advice on a range of cross-sectoral projects. Examples of our work:

  • Green Company Briefing
  • Energy Efficiency for Shipping
  • Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA)

Green Company Briefing

ELS Europe carries out assessments of client peers as potential performance benchmarks helping to identify opportunities in the marketplace. Our Green Company Briefings are completed across all economic sectors and tailored to client information needs. We carry out direct engagement and surveys of data preparers, data users, and other stakeholders. Our Green Company Briefings culminate in recommendations for product and service optimisation, and enhancement.


Energy Efficiency for Shipping

ELS Europe completed a deep-dive analysis into energy efficiency indicators used by the shipping industry in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) Resolutions. Deliverables included recommendations on the application of thresholds to indicate top CO2 emission reduction performers, to compare and contrast the application of different indicators, and the variability in real-world performance indicators versus design indicators.

Climate Positive Europe Alliance

Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA)

ELS Europe work with CPEA and its member organisations including the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), the Spanish Green Building Council (GBCe), the Danish Green Building Council (GBC DK), the Austrian Green Building Council (ÖGNI), and the Federation of European and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations (REHVA).
Collectively with CPEA, our aim is to mobilise construction sector participants to adopt net-zero circular practices and to reflect this ambition in their building certification.

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