Training and Stakeholder Consultation

Straightforward communication and education are at the heart of ELS Europe’s knowledge exchange value proposition. Through our accredited training programmes we assist our clients across the financial and non-financial communities to gain a firm understanding of International and European policy and quickly advance their skills in applying best management practices and tools.

Our training modules help organisations to practically implement the evolving sustainability-related risk assessment and management approaches associated with general and sector-specific disclosure regulations. They are designed to target information that is directly relevant to an organisation and guide the practical implementation of their risk management and disclosure obligations associated with national, regional, or international frameworks.


We implement knowledge exchange programmes which centre on the financial and operational management needs of our clients, helping them align their operational divisions or segments with the strategic objectives of the company, and to develop and connect systems of data and knowledge exchange. Our training is bespoke to client needs and accredited by appropriate institutions.

Financial market participants that issue financial products in the EU are now required to disclose how and to what extent they use the criteria for sustainable economic activities and other environmental or social characteristics that may apply. This in turn will enable investors to understand the proportion of sustainable activities underlying the investments.

Our training programmes cover the EU Green Deal and its economic sectoral strategies. Our learning outcomes focus on the application of the European Reporting Standards of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), the Taxonomy Regulation and its Annexes, the Benchmark Regulations and associated European Supervisory Authority Regulatory Technical Standards.

In the international context, ELS Europe’s training programmes focus on international initiatives such as those of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and IFRS/IASB-ISSB standards, international prudential requirements and taxonomies, as examples.

ELS Europe provides leadership, strategic guidance and advice on a range of cross-sectoral projects. Examples of our work:

  • Sustainable Finance Skillnet
  • C-Suite Executive Insights
  • DNSH Handbook
  • Transport Company

Sustainable Finance Skillnet

ELS Europe developed and delivered an accredited EU Taxonomy training course with case studies aimed at investment professionals and other financial market participants. The overarching aim was to improve understanding of investments into environmentally sustainable activities and enhance practical application. It was a highly interactive session with live polls and break-out session, and chat Q&A throughout for a small group of investment managers.


C-Suite Executive Insights

ELS Europe developed and delivered a short 3-hour accredited training session for numerous clients’ Company Board and Executive Level employees on sustainability strategy, risk management, and sector targets specific to their economic activities and regulations. These sessions encouraged and supported engagement, learning and shared “hands-on” inputs by participants.


DNSH Handbook

ELS Europe chaired the ‘do no significant harm’ DNSH Handbook, a collaborative work with Maples Group and Frankfurt School of Economics. The DNSH Handbook aims to provide data producers with the information they need to effectively disclose their DNSH obligations. The case studies explored in the guide underline how owners and developers of large construction, real estate and infrastructure projects can improve the DNSH assessment and identify relevant ESG factors. Strategic decisions made early in the development pre-construction stage by developers and planners will ease the disclosure burden on all stakeholders and ensure the environmental ambitions of the project are rewarded.

Transport Company

Transport Company

ELS Europe provided expertise across a Transport Company’s operating companies in respect of its overarching goals to meet national climate targets, agreed at EU level and furthermore to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We reviewed EU Taxonomy eligible and aligned activities, and evaluated sustainability strategy and disclosures, highlighting relevant risks, opportunities, costs and benefits. ELS Europe shared findings through awareness and knowledge exchange sessions held at Board, Executive Suite, and management levels.

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