Service Providers

ELS Europe supports global leaders in sustainable business and financial data to develop solutions that enable transparency, efficiency, and compliance across markets.

We work with our clients effectively to align their products and services with international sustainability disclosure tools and standards, demonstrating achievement of key performance indicators.


Our expertise has assisted with the development of industry-leading solutions across the entire data lifecycle of efficient sustainability data preparation, aggregation, analysis, classification and dissemination.

ELS Europe’s work across sustainability data product development and lifecycle management:
  • Economic Sector Selection
  • Prototype Development
  • Model Assessment and Verification
  • Internal Guidance and Upskill Programmes
  • Client Methodology and Model Limitations
  • Quality Control of Aggregated Data
  • Continuous Improvement
ELS Europe provides a range of additional consulting support solutions to our service sector clients including:
  • Regulatory Consultation
  • Policy and Technical Research
  • Codes of Practice
  • Second Party Opinion
  • Training Programmes 
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Our solutions view financial performance through the lens of ESG performance, laying the foundations for a sustainability strategy that enables your organisation to do well by your stakeholders, and thereby, do well by your investors and shareholders.