About Us

Our people

At ELS Europe, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and multifaceted knowledge driving our solutions-oriented approach to strategic sustainable finance and risk management. As an international team, we work to complement our diverse skillsets and bring optimal solutions to our clients, tailored to their unique needs. Our value generation stems from these synergies, as we strive to grow individually and collectively for the benefit of our clients. 

Dawn Slevin, MSc.

Managing Director

Our Core Values

ELS Europe’s core values drive our day-to-day operations, how we respond to clients, and the care we take in everything we do. We strive to:    

Be innovative and efficient, seeking to make a positive long-term difference using advanced systems and technologies.

Be client focused by finding solutions that respond to critical needs, to make a positive difference to our clients’ products, services, and operations.

Be committed to the professional and personal development of our staff, recognising contributions, valuing diversity, and sharing mutual respect.

Provide a reliable and cost-effective service, always acting with integrity, being objective and thorough, with a focus on quality.

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