Dawn Slevin

Managing Director



Dawn is Managing Director of ELS Europe, with over 28 years of experience as a market leading consultant providing sustainable finance and environmental risk management solutions to the finance community and real economy actors. Dawn was endorsed by the European Commission Decision C (2022)4586 for the position of Chair of European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) Sustainability Reporting Board. Dawn previously held positions with the European Commission as Co-chair ‘Do No Significant Harm’ of the EU Taxonomy TEG (2018-2020), and as Co-chair of EFRAG’s Project Task Force on reporting of non-financial risks & opportunities (PTF-RNFRO) (2020-2022).

Dawn’s professional focus is to facilitate organisations to achieve sustainability objectives of net zero CO2 emissions, climate adaptation, circular economy, protection of water resources and biodiversity, and pollution prevention whilst supporting a prosperous and fair business environment and economy. In doing so, Dawn provides strategic advice and technical expertise on international environmental risk management and sustainable finance to clients from the financial sector, industry sector, business and innovation platforms, as well as regulatory and prudential authorities. Dawn works collaboratively with the FinTech industry on data analytic solutions, delivers training to clients, and has lectured at the university level.

Dawn’s extensive experience is drawn from her work as an environmental engineer across a range of industries from construction and real estate, brownfield development, water treatment and supply, waste management, manufacturing, renewable energy, petrochemical, oil and gas, and transport.
With in-depth sustainability experience, Dawn helps to develop fit-for-purpose strategies that create value, measure progress, exchange knowledge with positive sustainability actions and results across stakeholders. Her experience guides organisations on compliance with sustainable finance regulations, guidance, and standards alongside effective use of disclosure and investment tools.

Professional Memberships and Awards

  • Chartered Environmentalist (CENV)
  • Chartered Waste Manager (MCIWM)
  • Lead Environmental Auditor Certification, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), UK and Ireland
  • Human Health Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment Remedial Targets Methodology (UK Environment Agency), UK with continued professional development
  • Member of Club of Rome Planetary Emergency Partners
  • Member of Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA)
  • Sustainable Finance Person of the Year, 2019 Award by Sustainable Nation Ireland /Irish Department of Finance
  • Queen’s University Award for Highest Year Grade, Environmental Engineering 2002, Queens University Belfast


  • MSc (Distinction) Environmental Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast (2002)
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Science, Trinity College Dublin (1994)

Relevant Experience

  • CBI Financial System Conference 2022
  • Bloomberg L.P. Sustainability Forum 2022
  • EFRAG 2021
  • Sustainable Business Podcast Sustainable Business Podcast
  • Irish Department of Finance & DG FISMA
  • AIMA Webinar
  • Trinity Business School
  • European Commission Research and Innovation Day 2019

CBI Financial System Conference 2022 

ELS Europe participated in the Central Bank of Ireland’s inaugural Financial System Conference and shared insights and expertise in the panel discussion ‘Climate change and the financial system: challenges and opportunities’. The event marked an important step in the Banks’ strategy to be open and engaged as an institution. It brought together diverse perspectives from a range of stakeholders to debate the key issues shaping Ireland’s financial system today, echoing the changes in the European and global financial system.  

Bloomberg L.P. Sustainability Forum 2022

ELS Europe was invited to Bloomberg’s Sustainability Forum held in The Westin, Dublin to discuss the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and EU Taxonomy developments alongside Bloomberg’s ESG Data Management Team.


EFRAG 2021

  • Webinar: Insights on reporting the business model, sustainability risks and opportunities
    EFRAG hosted a public online webinar focusing on reporting the business model, sustainability risks and opportunities. The event provided insights on the PTF-RNFRO report, which focused on the reporting of sustainability risks and opportunities and linkage to the business model. It discusses the state of play in companies’ reporting practices and identifies examples of good or leading practices. Dawn was one of the three PTF-RNFRO members discussing the report
  • Podcast: Good practices in reporting the business model, sustainability risks & opportunities
    The EFRAG podcast provided insights on the European Lab Project Task Force on the reporting of non-financial risks and opportunities and the linkage to the business model (PTF-RNFRO) report ‘Towards Sustainable Businesses: Good Practices for Business Model, Risk and Opportunities, Reporting in the EU’ and the supplementary document ‘Good Reporting Practices’, published on 4 October 2021. In this episode, Mario Abela and Dawn Slevin the PTF-RNFRO co-chairs, provided insights on the report’s key findings, as well the PTF- RNFRO (scope, mandate, composition) and its working process.
  • Event: Business model, sustainability risks & opportunities reporting
    On 25 May 2021, the European Lab Project Task Force on Reporting of non-financial risks and opportunities and linkage to the business model (PTF RNFRO), held an online outreach event. The objective of the event was to share and discuss the key findings of the PTF RNFRO draft report on Business Model, Sustainability Risks and Opportunities Reporting. The event was opened by EFRAG Board President Jean-Paul Gauzès. The PTF RNFRO co-chairs Mario Abela and Dawn Slevin moderated the panel discussions.

Sustainable Business Podcast 

Sustainability Reporting and the EU Taxonomy – what does good reporting look like? In this episode, Dawn shares insights into her work at the EU and discusses good practices and opportunities for sustainability reporting with Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons. Dawn explains the idea behind the EU taxonomy and its implications for sustainability reporting. Additionally, she addresses good practices for sustainability reporting and how it helps companies understand their dependencies, positive and negative impacts and outcomes, and the opportunities that may arise from sustainability. Lastly, Laura and Dawn talk about the importance of integrating sustainability into a company’s core strategy and how companies, governments, and citizens need to work closely together. 


Irish Department of Finance & DG FISMA 

Dawn participated in the Irish Department of Finance & DG FISMA webinar ‘Perspectives on the renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy.  Ireland’s Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, Pascal Donohue TD lead the discussion which featured the Director General of DG FISMA, John Berrigan and Head of Sustainable Finance, Martin Spolc. Dawn contributed to a panel discussion on the risks and opportunities of Sustainable Finance along with Irish Life MD Patrick Burke and AIB CEO Dr. Colin Hunt. 


AIMA Webinar

Ahead of the application of the then newly adopted European Regulation on Sustainable Finance Disclosure, Dawn and panel members discussed its potential impacts on the finance industry. The regulation introduces a number of sustainability-related requirements which go further than just reporting and will result in operational and structural changes for fund managers distributing their funds in Europe. AIMA hosted this webinar focused on an operational summary of the EU Sustainable Finance Regulation to support their members’ preparatory work ahead of the application date. The event was titled: An Operational Summary of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Trinity Business School

Investing in a Green Future: The Impact of Financial Markets on Climate Change, Trinity Business School  
Financial services can play a key role in transitioning our economies to a more sustainable future, redirecting funds away from firms with poor environmental standards and channeling them towards sustainable innovations to reduce the negative impact that humans are inflicting on the environment and on the natural world. The panel included speakers working in the financial industry, discussing what investors and issuers can do and how Euronext Dublin are positioning to become a major international hub for sustainable finance. 


European Commission Research and Innovation Day 2019

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. The session gives highlights on sustainable finance, including a strong green finance component that aims to support economic growth while ensuring sustainability. 
Marketing or for real? Sustainable finance for R&I