Why Choose ELS Europe?1111

Our aim is to be a valued and trusted strategic partner to our Clients helping to build environmental and socials stewardship, responsible governance, sound risk management and financial sustainability into systems and operations.


Strategic approach

At ELS Europe we understand that a strategic approach to managing material environmental, climate and social-related impacts, risks and opportunities is defined by an organisations objectives and principles relating to what it does, how and why it does it, the regulations it must abide by, and where its products and services are distributed.

Stakeholders are interested in things that affect organisations and how organisations interact with their environment, how they manage risk and the consequences of their actions. Ultimately, a good strategy informs stakeholders who wish to assess how an organisation conducts its business, minds its reputation, plans its future cash flows and therefore its prospects.

We believe that a cohesive sustainability strategy learns from the past, responds to the present and looks to the future. In our view the three strategic pillars of a good sustainability strategy are: the commitment of its employees at all levels, the key performance indicators (KPI’s) relevant to its activities, and the timelines for ambitious and achievable targets.

It follows that implementation of a good sustainability strategy should adhere to important principles of:

Accurate assessment of sustainability-related impacts, risks and opportunities.

Maintain relevance to all operational segments and economic activities.

Be built on a firm understanding of what good performance means including short-term to long-term progression and achievement of targets.

Enable and maintain consistency.

Encourage and support continual improvement and innovation.

Use digital technologies that are best suited to the needs of the preparer and users.

Investment landscape

The investment landscape is rapidly changing, with a growing body of international regulations and guidance aiming to achieve an orderly transition to net-zero economies and avert shocks to the financial system from environmental and climate-related risks.

Critical strategic sustainability objectives

ELS Europe helps our Clients to establish critical strategic sustainability objectives and to develop operational systems and approaches that deliver on strategic goals.


We guide and advise our Clients on prioritization of issues that are most critical to their core-business and stakeholder needs, to measure progress towards achieving key environmental, climate and social targets, to identify realistic future targets and avail of opportunities created through their transition journey.

Risk management recommendations

ELS Europe clearly articulates relevant risk management recommendations and helps to develop short, medium and long-term timelines for implementation.

Better operational results

The outcomes of this work drive better operational results through greater alignment on issues that are material to our Clients and forms the basis for development of a cohesive sustainability strategy clearly linked to the business model and financials of the organisation.


ELS Europe aims to ensure that sustainability-related risks and opportunities across the entire value chain of an organisation are clearly understood in terms of their nature, characteristics, inputs, impacts and outcomes, timing, and linkage to financial KPI’s such as revenue, capital expenditure and operational expenditure.

Our Core Values

ELS Europe’s core values drive our day-to-day operations, how we respond to Clients and the care we take in everything we do. We strive to:

Be innovative, seeking to make a positive difference using innovative systems and technologies

Support and encourage long-term perspectives

Prioritise sustainability transition to low-carbon, resource-efficient and circular economy activities that are protective of the natural environment

Be Client focused by finding solutions that respond to critical needs, to make a positive difference to our Clients’ products, services and operations

Be cost effective and competitive in our fee structure

Be objective and thorough in all we do with a focus on quality

Be committed to the professional and personal development of our staff, valuing their commitment, recognising contributions, valuing diversity and sharing mutual respect

Provide a consistent and reliable service by always acting with integrity and being professionally objective and thorough

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