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The European Financial Reporting Standards (ESRS) which execute the requirements for companies impacted by the CSRD are under development by EFRAG. The first set of recommendations were issued to the Commission in November 2022 covering a wide scope of sustainability aspects across ESG topics while...
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The illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia unexpectedly placed an immense concern onto the doorstep of European leaders: energy supply. With the continent’s heavy reliance on Russian gas and oil, energy prices shot up due to limited supply because of sanctions placed on Russia. Despite...
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The scope of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (“CSDDD”) may be expanded to cover more companies, according to JURI Draft recently adopted by the European Parliament.
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A Green Taxonomy framework was recently proposed by Canada's Sustainable Finance Action Council (SFAC) under its Taxonomy Roadmap Report, published in March 2023. The framework, introducing categories for sustainability-focused investments, has raised concerns due to its potential to allow for continued investment in fossil fuel industries, slowing...
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Introductory remarks delivered by Dawn Slevin, Managing Director ELS Europe on 30 June 2022 to the European Parliament during the audition of candidates for the position of chair of EFRAG’s Sustainability Reporting Board. The recording of the audition can be found here. Dawn’s candidacy was...
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