Trinity College Dublin

4 March 2020

Public sector responses to tackling climate change at the national and supranational level have been difficult and slow. The private sector also has a major role to play. Financial services can play a key role in transitioning our economies to a more sustainable future, redirecting funds away from firms with poor environmental standards and channelling them towards sustainable innovations to reduce the negative impact that humans are inflicting on the environment and on the natural world.

Dawn Slevin, Managing Director, ELS Europe and member of the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance discussed the role of financial services along with panel speakers Kathy Ryan, Head of ESG, ILIM, Emma Jane Jorce, Head of Responsible Investing. NTMA, Mark Merrigan, Head of Bonds NTMA and James Johnston, Vice President International Markets, Euronext. The panel discussed what investors and issuers can do to position Dublin as a major international hub for sustainable finance.

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