Natural Capital Investment Conference

25 November 2019

With the European Green Deal on the horizon, prospects for boosting the nature and natural capital investment agenda have never been better. It is time to consolidate efforts and scale nature and natural capital investments proposals from the millions to the billions.

Restoring and protecting nature and natural capital for people and policy makers on the one hand is reducing natural capital risks for business and the economy for others. Environmental accounting is a critical missing link and focusing attention on will help unlock significant investment potential.

This panel considered: How are policymakers approaching the topic of natural capital? What policies would support being able to adequately value natural capital? What are regulators doing to assess and understand natural capital risks? How does natural capital overlap with the SDGs? What are the direct and indirect ramifications for natural capital investors? Could the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan be a game changer for natural capital?

The moderator Kerry ten Kate, Director, Biodiversity Initiative, Forest Trends, discussed these questions with Dawn Slevin, Managing Director ELS Europe and member of the EU Technical Expert Group , Chris Hart, Senior Sustainable Finance Associate, Natural Capital Finance Alliance, Sarah Montgomery, Deputy Director, Green Finance, DEFRA, Thomas Verheye, Principal Advisor, Green Finance & Investment, European Commission – DG Environment, and Martin Lok, Natural Capital Coalition.

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